Versatile Mage Chapter 2614: The Apocalypse

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Chapter 2614: The Apocalypse

The tide of Undead immediately broke through the weakest spot of the dam in

the south. The slain sea monsters that had attacked a week ago had been

turned into fearless Undead.

The Undead were scarier than the living sea monsters, as they could blatantly

abuse their power without needing the unstoppable waves.

The Undead had taken the humans by surprise. They did not have enough Light

Mages at the dam.

The Undead soon invaded the safe zone through a new hole in the dam around

two hundred meters wide. A dark Aura poured into the industrial area.

The south of the city was an industrial district. The factories were crucial to the

city’s operation. They were processing Magic Ores and turning them into

sources of power and water to keep the city functioning.

However, the Undead destroyed the factories in an instant, rapidly closing in on the busy districts of the city.

The soldiers had no chance of stopping them.

Most sea monsters would back away from fierce resistance and loolk for other

openings, giving the humans time to adjust and control the situation, but the

Undead were fearless.

They were only focused on their target. They would not stop even if there were only empty!

They were more terrifying than a huge wave of sea monsters. They were charging forward recklessly, bearing an overwhelming presence of death. After destroying the factories, the Undead all headed in the same direction: the Dongfang Oriental Tower! The army and Magic Alliance failed to stop the Undead’s advance. Countless buildings and Mages were swallowed by the tide, which was moving inexorably toward the Dongfang Oriental Tower, close to the headquarters of the Sh.o.r.eline Alliance and the Hunter Union. Many people on the veranda close to the beach were spooked.

The buildings on the other side of Huangpu River were swarming with Undead.

They were climbing the buildings and covered the outer layer of the buildings with their hideous bodies.

The sky was dark, and the sun was absent. The busiest district of the Magic

City had suddenly fallen into a deep abyss of destruction. The High Seaters and Top Seaters were no longer in charge. The buildings were taken over by the

Undead. They were greedily eying the streets, houses, parks, and plazas. The shallow river there was not going to stop them!

A blue light burst out of the top of Dongfang Oriental Tower. Several other buildings quickly followed up and emitted the same light from their tops.

The lights combined in the sky, forming a sacred altar hovering above the buildings.

Liquid light poured out of the altar like silver curtains and swiftly encapsulated the Lujiazui District, trapping the Undead that were trying to cross the river.

The silver liquid was half-transparent, and the people could still see the

Undead through it. They were climbing the silver curtains, trying to find a hole in them.

More Undead were approaching. They had completely taken the other side of the river. The silver curtains and the sacred altar had merely kept them on the

other sh.o.r.e. The Magic Barrier established by the silver curtains temporarily prevented the

Undead from crossing the river to the residential areas, but the Undead were only several meters away from the people!

None of them believed the Magic Barrier was enough to stop the Undead.

Once the Undead reached the residential areas, they would cause a bloodbath in the Headquarters City!

Half of the Dongfang Oriental Tower was covered by the Undead. The streets, alleys, plazas, and parks were already covered by the Undead.

They had used their bodies to flood the city. If the buildings had not been not protected by magic, the whole district would be destroyed in an instant.

“Kill them all!l” Councilman Zhuang Yue snarled from a platform above Dongfang Oriental Tower.

“We have activated the Formations on every building, but these Undead do not

have any sense of self-preservation. Their only goal is to destroy and kill.

There’s no way our men can take them all out!”

“My men are dying at an insane rate, too. What’s going on? Why are they

attacking this place?

“The Tribe of Sea G.o.ds surely knows this tower is a symbol for human Mages.

If it’s destroyed, it’s like taking down the enemy’s flag. They are demonstrating

their power to us. They are trying to crush our will to fight!”

Several students on the balcony were struck as dumb as wooden chickens. They

could see the skysc.r.a.pers clearly from their angle.

In the past, the skysc.r.a.pers and Dongfang Oriental Tower had stood firmly,

pointed at the unreachable sky. Everyone would feel proud looking at them, as

they symbolized humanity’s power and status.

But today, the skysc.r.a.pers had been taken over by other species. The Undead

were not large, but their front limbs were strong and deadly. Their eyes were

sticking out of their sockets while their heads were like the skulls of dead fish,

and their bodies were covered in venomous spikes. The people who had faint

hearts would often collapse after seeing the hideous creatures.

The sea monsters were no longer held on the other side of the dam. The

creatures were visible from their balconies. They were witnessing the

terrifying sight through their own windows!

They were told that the Apocalypse was coming. It was now happening right in

front of them!

“Are we all going to die?” A young man with curly hair was holding a book. He

had been reviewing for an exam.

The eyes on his handsome face were hollow.

He had been going to officially become a Mage tomorrow, but he was now

unsure if tomorrow would even arrive! Even if he became a Mage, could he really do anything to stop what was

happening in front of him?

He felt like a huge black wave was coming at his raft. The wave could easily

crush him and the raft. Was there any meaning to becoming a Mage?

“How long can the altar last? I heard it’s a Forbidden Curse Magic Formation,”

another skinny young man asked hollowly.

Meanwhile, tiny cracks surfaced on the silver curtains as if they were

responding to the skinny man’s question. They were proving that the magic

barrier was not unbreakable. The tide of Undead could break through the

curtains at any second!

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