Versatile Mage Chapter 2613: Undead from the Bottom of the Sea

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Chapter 2613: Undead from the Bottom of the Sea

Edited by Aelryinth

“Councilman Zhuang, the sea level is falling,” a Battlemage circling up in the

sky reported.

“The tide is falling?”

The sea level has only risen for so many years. When has the tide ever fallen?”

The tide was indeed falling back slowly. The dark red seawater that had

destroyed Zhuang City had disappeared with it.

The land that had been drowned by the water was gradually exposed. It was

covered in sand and filth. Trash had piled up on the downhills and slopes.

Late at night, the falling tide had revealed a huge strip of land leading to the

east. The people were able to see the New Pudong once again.

The seawaters had continuously taken up more human territory. Who would

have thought the tide would fall rapidly one day, like it was not going to return

again? The people could no longer see any water in the areas that had once

been a part of the ocean.

It felt like the seawater had been drawn away. Not only did it give the drowned

areas back, it even gave them extra s.p.a.ce!

The sand, seaweed, rocks, and dead bodies that were still decomposing for a

hundred square kilometers of the seabed were now visible.

The Sh.o.r.eline Alliance soon a.s.sembled a few teams and sent them out to

explore the dried land and find out the reason behind the falling tide.

The Tribe of Sea G.o.ds had already won the battle against them by forcing them

to hide in the five Headquarters Cities. There was no reason for the sea rulers

to retreat!

“Is it a natural phenomenon, or a trick of the sea monsters?” an explorer of the

Sh.o.r.eline Alliance picked up a smelly rock and inspected it.

The seabed was covered in thick mud. Their b0ots would sink halfway into the

mud as they were walking on it.

The team of explorers was made up of elite members of the Sh.o.r.eline Alliance

The Sh.o.r.eline Alliance had been exploring the oceans and learning about sea

creatures and their evolutions. They had to understand the world under the sea

so they could figure out how to stop the sea monsters’ invasion.

After the sea level had fallen, they had quickly explored places they had not

dared to go to before, especially the cliffs and the trenches, as most high-level

sea monsters enjoyed staying in the darkness of the deep sea, and they were

more accustomed to the water pressure of the deep waters. The Sh.o.r.eline

Alliance could identify the species, number, and level of the sea monsters

through the scales, skin tissues, fangs, and body waste left by the sea


“Don’t you think that’s strange?” Dean Lee asked

Lee Xu was the Dean of the Pearl Inst.i.tute’s School of White Magic. He was also

the Vice Chairman of the Magic City’s Sh.o.r.eline Alliance. He had personally led

teams in exploring the dangerous zones so they could understand the reason

behind the unusual phenomena.

This time, he had to find out where the dark red seawater had come from!

A mysterious scholar had detected a new member of the Tribe of Sea G.o.ds

having appeared in the East China Sea. Therefore, they had to find out its

ability, its power, and how many sea monsters it was leading before their first

encounter with the creature.

“Is something wrong, Dean Lee?” Elder Yue Qing asked, sensing something off.

“‘Shouldn’t there be a lot of dead sea monsters around” Dean Lee quickly

looked around.

The whole place was covered in the filth of the seabed, but the dead bodies that

were floating on the surface several days ago had all vanished.

Dean Lee clearly remembered the dead bodies had sunk to the bottom of the

sea. It had only been a week. They would not decompose so quickly, yet the

only remains he could see had obviously been around for ages.

Where did the dead bodies of the arny of sea monsters go? Did the strange tide

carry them away?

Why would they bother to retrieve their corpses?

“Elder Yue, take a look at this!” a member of the team called out.

Dean Lee and Elder Yue immediately looked in the direction of the voice. They

saw a red tide approaching them fiercely from the horizon.

“Run, quick!” Dean Lee immediately told everyone to retreat when he realized

something was not right.

The dark red tide came on suddenly, like a terrifying storm. Its b.l.o.o.d.y Aura

soon reached the team.

Dean Lee realized the dark red tide was not made up of water, but a huge

number of ghastly sea monsters!

Their rotten flesh and poisonous pus were giving off a foul stench. They were

sprinting across the dried seabed, as if they were replacing the seawater.


“I’s the Sea Undead!”

The oceans covered ma.s.sive areas, thus the presence of death that the oceans

had acc.u.mulated was stronger. In the past, the scholars of the Sh.o.r.eline

Alliance had conjectured the existence of an Undead Kingdom at the bottom of

the sea. It was formed by the countless dead bodies of sea creatures that had

acc.u.mulated over a long time, resulting in insane numbers of undead.

To their surprise, the Sea Undead had charged at their city as soon as the sea

level had fallen, as if they had long planned it.

‘Dean Lee, aren’t these the sea monsters that died recently? ‘They have all

turned into Undead!”

“I..Im not sure,” Dean Lee’s expression fell sharply. He was starting to have a

bad feeling about this.

Dean Lee kept looking at the tide of Undead while he was retreating. His scalp

turned numb when he saw an aloof figure standing above the army of Undead!

She was looking down at them like the empress of darkness and death. Her

eyes were br.i.m.m.i.n.g with hatred.

She was the new member of the Tribe of Sea G.o.ds!

She was capable of commanding this army of sea monsters which had died and

turned into undead!

More importantly, Dean Lee found the outline and the pale face of the creature

extremely familiar.

The dark red tide closed in on them.

Dean Lee and his men were still around ten kilometers away from the safe

zone. They obviously could not make it in time.

The Sea Undead crashed into the team. The members of the team could not

escape the fate of being annihilated by the Sea Undead.

Dean Lee also gave up.

He was surrounded by the Sea Undead, but for some reason, they were

ignoring him. They had simply swept on past him.

It felt like an invisible barrier was protecting Dean Lee from the Sea Undead.

However, Dean Lee knew he was not under any protection.

As he thought, the Sea Undead cleared a path for the figure with a colorful

dress, pale face, hollow eyes, and long hair br.i.m.m.i.n.g with the presence of


“Ding..Ding Yumian!” Dean Lee could not believe his eyes when he saw the


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