The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness Chapter 1735 – Feng Tianlan Regains Yun Yi's Memories (6)

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Chapter 1735: Feng Tianlan Regains Yun Yi’s Memories (6)

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And now, the words of the State Preceptor could prove that Mo Bai had no choice but to marry Bi Ling for her sake.

“You’ve been helping me?” Feng Tianlan looked at the State Preceptor suspiciously. It turned out that she had already seen the future between her and Mo Bai, but she had never taken it seriously. She thought it was merely an illusion and did not expect it to be a hint for her.

“No,” the State Preceptor denied it. Xi Jin had been helping her this whole time. While he had been ‘helping’ her for his own purposes.


“In any case, I won’t harm you.” The State Preceptor didn’t comment further. He pointed at the Wuya Holy Shrine. “But I can’t tell you the truth that you want.”

Feng Tianlan looked at the State Preceptor who stood on the floating island. With his divine powers shrouding around him, he looked even more like an immortal, as if he could disappear at any time. She couldn’t help but chuckle. “State Preceptor, what kind of person are you?”

“What kind of person do you think I am?” State Preceptor questioned her back. He wanted to know what he was to her.

“A weirdo.” A weirdo which she couldn’t figure out.

State Preceptor chuckled and grabbed her arm again, heading towards the Ethereal Tower, “As you said.”

He was a weirdo. He didn’t have any emotions, nor did he distinguish between good and bad. Everything depended on his mood.

“Didn’t you want me to see my future with Mo Bai?”

“If it can’t be changed, then what’s the use of seeing it?”

Feng Tianlan could feel her body flying rapidly. The State Preceptor was very relaxed as he carried her. “You… what exactly do you want to do?”

“Lwant to see you defy the heavens.”

“Huh?” Feng Tianlan raised her eyebrows. Defy the heavens?

“Yun Yi has the Biling Pearl that possesses the spiritual power of the world. She has already defied the heavens once. Why not defy the heavens once more?”

Feng Tianlan was, even more, baffled by his words. “State Preceptor, what do you mean by this?”

“Si Mobai can be Wu Ya, and you can also be Yun Yi.” The State Preceptor glanced at her and could not help but laugh when he saw her shocked expression.

He liked her smile, he liked her arrogance, he liked her insolence, and he did not like her estrangement from him. He did not like her aura being weakened due to the pain and sadness she experienced. He wanted to see a high-spirited Feng Tianlan who looked down on the world.

“I’m Yun Yi?” Feng Tianlan instantly understood what the State Preceptor meant.

‘The State Preceptor didn’t reply but said, “If you want to kidnap the groom, your spiritual force is too weak currently. So why not return to being Yun Yi?”

As the State Preceptor, he had revealed the future and even interfered in the matter. What sort of punishment would he receive?

‘The State Preceptor raised his head and looked at the Heavens above. He couldn’t help but laugh out loud. He had always wanted to defy the heavens, so there was no harm in helping her now.

“Return to the Ethereal Tower?” Feng Tianlan looked at the State Preceptor. At this moment, she understood that he was helping her.

“Twill help you recover Yun Yi’s memories and help you become Yun Yi again.” The State Preceptor pulled Feng Tianlan closer and looked into her eyes. “Remember what you promised me. You will take me into one of the people you care about. I will be the one you care about. I want to experience being

cared about by you.”

Feng Tianlan looked at him in surprise. The overbearing manner of the State Preceptor reminded her of Mo Bai in the past.

“When you return to being Yun Yi, you will know what you want to know. It’s useless to know all that now.” The State Preceptor grabbed Feng Tianlan and sped up, heading towards the Ethereal Tower.

He did not have any emotions or desires, but he seemed to have some feelings at this moment.

He liked to see her smile, liked to see her arrogance, liked to see her unrestrained…

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