The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness Chapter 1734 – Feng Tianlan Regains Yun Yi's Memories (5)

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Chapter 1734: Feng Tianlan Regains Yun Yi’s Memories (5)

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Feng Tianlan looked down at the capital city that was gradually shrinking below. Then, she looked at the State Preceptor who was holding onto her so that she wouldn’t fall. She said in a slightly cold voice, “Where are you taking me?”

“Ethereal Tower.”

Feng Tianlan frowned. “Why are we going to the Ethereal Tower?”

That was Yun Yi’s place, not hers. She was Feng Tianlan.

“Bi Ling is the Biling Pearl, while you are so similar to Yun Yi. Haven’t you thought about why is that so?” State Preceptor glanced at her out of the corner of his eye and gradually released his divine power, repelling all the divine power that was suppressing down on them. Only then could he bring Feng

Tianlan to the floating island.

Feng Tianlan pursed her lips. “No, but this has nothing to do with me, right?”

Mo Bai had become Wu Ya, he did not love her anymore, he loved Yun Yi.

State Preceptor could not help but chuckle, but when he saw the pain hidden in Feng Tianlan’s eyes, he subconsciously let out a long sigh, “What do you think of it

He could not see through her thoughts, but he wanted to know what she was thinking.

“What do you mean, what do I think of what?” Feng Tianlan looked at him in confusion.

“About Si Mobai turning into Wu Ya, about the matter regarding the antidote to the poison.”

Feng Tianlan was stunned, “You are still hiding something from me, but you are not telling me. If I am not wrong, this matter is definitely related to me, to my life, but I cannot figure it out.”

The Twin Heart Linking Poison was already removed, there was no more discomfort on her body. With Mo Bai around, it would not be so easy for Bi Ling to kill her.

So, what was wrong with her that made Mo Bai decide to compromise?

Or was it really as he said, he was Wu Ya, not Si Mobai, so he loved Yun Yi.

But Wu Ya also had all of Mo Bai’s memories, and he knew that Bi Ling was not Yun Yi. Yet he still wanted to marry her. What was the reason behind this?

She really could not understand, she could not understand why he would do this.

“So what if you figure it out?” The State Preceptor looked at the Ethereal Tower that was still some distance away and said, “Can you watch yourself die? Can he watch as you die?”

Feng Tianlan glanced at the State Preceptor in puzzlement. Was he intending to tell her the reason?

The State Preceptor brought Feng Tianlan and landed on a small, uninhabited floating island. Then, he pointed at a very distant floating island that looked very small but was shrouded by an otherworldly aura. “That’s the Wuya Holy Shrine. You can’t reach it now.”

“State Preceptor…”

“Do you want to know the future of you and Si Mobai?” The State Preceptor let go of her and took out the crystal ball. “He had used this before.”

However, he had used it to find Luo Yunzhu. More accurately, he wanted Feng Tianlan to have no regrets. For Feng Tianlan’s sake.

“Will it change if I see it?” Feng Tianlan asked. The State Preceptor had always wanted her to see the crystal ball, but she had always been unwilling to do so.

“Do you still remember what you saw in the illusion?”

Hearing this, Feng Tianlan suddenly raised her head and looked at the State Preceptor with sharp eyes. “You made it?”

The dream showed the scene of Bi Ling and Mo Bai getting married. At that time, she always felt that it would come true. But now, it had really come true, hadn’t it?

“That was a dream specially made for you. It was also something that would happen in the future. It was to let you know the truth about Si Mobai getting married to someone else. But you didn’t know even after you woke up, so nothing had been changed.”

At that time, she still didn’t know, so he couldn’t change it. However, she knew now.

Feng Tianlan carefully thought about everything that she had experienced in the illusion. At that time, Si Mobai said that he only wanted her to live well, so the reason must be related to her..

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