The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness Chapter 1733 – Feng Tianlan Regains Yun Yi's Memories (4)

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Chapter 1733: Feng Tianlan Regains Yun Yi’s Memories (4)

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Where’s the Demon King?” Xi Lin peeled an orange, fed little w.a.n.g’er, and asked Feng Tianlan, “A year has pa.s.sed. You guys should have reunited and married, right?”

Feng Tianlan’s expression froze when she heard the question. She did not reply, but instead asked, “Why are you here? Isn’t Xuantian and Wushang Continents not connected?”

Xi Lin glanced at her when she did not hear an answer. She seemed to have understood something, but she did not pursue the question. Instead, she looked at the sage-like State Preceptor who was leaning against a pillar. “It was the State Preceptor who brought us across the White Jade Bridge and

brought us here.”

Da Da raised his hand and showed off his powerful strength. His eyes were sparkling with excitement. “Brother Lan, your State Preceptor is too amazing. After we walked across the White Jade Bridge, our Spiritual Force actually increased. I don’t know to what extent did it increase but we have reached the

G.o.d Supreme realm.”

After listening to Da Da’s words, Feng Tianlan probed for a while and was also very puzzled. “All of you have advanced to the Virtual Realm.”

“Virtual Realm?” The few of them looked at her in confusion.

Feng Tianlan explained to them the various realms in the Wushang Continent. Then, she said with a smile, “All of you are very lucky. When I came over, I didn’t feel anything. But all of you have advanced completely.”

Apart from the joy of their advancement to the Virtual Realm, they were more concerned about Feng Tianlan because she deliberately avoided questions about Si Mobai.

Feng Tianlan stood up and walked over to the State Preceptor. “Thank you.” She thanked him sincerely, but it was only a word of thanks. After all, to Feng Tianlan, the State Preceptor was a person who deserved to be beaten up.

The State Preceptor looked at her estrangement from him and frowned slightly. “I was just running an errand.”

“What do you mean?” Feng Tianlan frowned and stared at the State Preceptor.

“The White Jade Bridge was built by Wu Ya a thousand years ago to prevent Su Jingfeng from finding you, and for you to come to Wushang Continent smoothly.” The State Preceptor didn’t say much, but it was obvious that he didn’t feel good.

He couldn’t bear to see Feng Tianlan sad and depressed, and he couldn’t bear to see her distancing herself from him.

“Is it Mobai?” Feng Tianlan’s eyes narrowed, and her voice trembled.

Although she had always believed that Si Mobai had his difficulties, she had not been able to find him these past few days. She was approaching the verge of breaking down. He had been avoiding her.

State Preceptor did not speak, but the answer was already very obvious.

“What do you know?” Feng Tianlan grabbed State Preceptor’s arms agitatedly. She looked up at him and asked anxiously, “What do you know exactly? What did he hide from me? Why did he do this? He is still my Mobai, right?”

‘The State Preceptor lowered his gaze and looked at the arm that she was grabbing. She was gripping a little too strongly. His skin could feel the temperature of her fingertips. It was a sensation that he had never experienced before. It was very strange.

“State Preceptor, say something!” Feng Tianlan shook him anxiously.

Everyone was hiding it from her. Why would they hide it from her? It must have something to do with her.

“Tianlan, what happened?” Xi Lin and the others ran over and looked at her worriedly.

She had been avoiding Si Mobai, and behaving like this now. Something must have happened in the past year, something that made her very sad.

“Lapis Lazuli, you settle them down. I’ll bring Miss Feng somewhere.” State Preceptor grabbed Feng Tianlan’s arm and quickly left.

“Tianlan!” The few of them shouted, but when they saw the figure disappear in an instant, they could only stand there helplessly.

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