The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness Chapter 1728 – Feng Tianlan Suspected the Truth 5

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Chapter 1728: Feng Tianlan Suspected the Truth 5

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Shen Yuan wanted to comfort Feng Tianlan, but when it came to comforting people, she always felt awkward. Although she did not experience as much as Feng Tianlan, she knew that there were some people who could not be replaced by anyone.

This time, she finally understood that forced love would not lead to happiness. She had better let go of second brother. There were so many beautiful men, she could find another man.

Shen Borui and the others took turns to comfort Feng Tianlan, their hearts aching for her. If it were not for the fact that they could not find Wu Ya, they would have rushed up to confront him. Regardless of whether they could defeat him or not, it was still good to be able to hit him a few times to vent

their anger.

Feng Shu looked at Feng Tianlan, who was quietly eating her steamed eggs, and was filled with worry. She pulled Shen Borui aside and asked in a low voice, “Husband, I’m very worried about my daughter. This is too abnormal.”

‘When she came in, she saw Feng Shu hugging her pillow in a daze, but now, she was actually eating quietly. There must be something fishy about this abnormality.

“think so too. Although she’s smiling, that smile is too heartbreaking, You think…”

Before Shen Borui could finish his sentence, Feng Shu already understood. They felt that Feng Tianlan was saying her final goodbye to them. Perhaps the next step would be that she really couldn’t take the blow and would commit suicide?

The two of them looked at Feng Tianlan, who had an indifferent expression on her face, and this confirmed their speculations. They pulled Shen Yuan and Shen Hao out and told them that they had to keep their eyes on Feng Tianlan at all times, in case she harbored suicidal thoughts.

Feng Tianlan seemed to have a good appet.i.te as she ate a bowl of steamed eggs. She wiped the corners of her lips and said, “Brother, tell me about their marriage.”

Shen Hao was about to speak, but Shen Borui raised his hand and hit the back of his head. He quickly changed his words and said, “I don’t know much either.”

‘When he received the letter, he first went to check on Si Mobai before he found out about the wedding.

Feng Tianlan put down the handkerchief. It was a handkerchief embroidered with white orchid, and the word “Bai Lan” was embroidered at the corner.

She looked up at the four people who were looking at her as if they were facing a great enemy, and Shen Hao’s momentary pause just now made her laugh out loud. “You’re thinking too much. I’m fine.”

The four of them looked at each other. They felt that they were thinking too little.

“Speaking of which, I think I am a jinx when it comes to weddings,” Feng Tianlan said slowly as if nothing had happened. “During the first wedding, the bride died.”

Gu Nansheng died on the way to the wedding.

The four of them looked at one another again. What did she mean by that?

“During the second wedding, the groom almost died.”

That time, Xi Jin had committed suicide by taking poison. If not for the blood in her body, Xi Jin might have really died that time.

“..” the four of them were even more worried. Her reaction was not quite right.

“Fortunately, it stopped at the second time. The third time was a success.” For Sister Lin’s case however, it might be better not to have it done.

“Lam‘er…” the four of them were so worried that they broke out in cold sweat. Why did they feel that she was going to say her last words next? Could it be that she wanted to do something?

“Two years ago, I was going to marry Mobai, and then the Shen family was wiped out.”

“Don’t say anymore.” Feng Shu’s heart ached so much that she cried. What had her daughter gone through? She was such a good person, yet she had to go through so much hards.h.i.+p.

Shen Borui also sobbed. If he had been with his daughter all this while, she wouldn’t have to go through so much, He really didn’t qualify to be a father.

“Two months ago, Mo Bai and I finally got married, but Mo Bai…” At this point, Feng Tianlan frowned.

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