The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness Chapter 1727 – Feng Tianlan Suspected the Truth 4

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Chapter 1727: Feng Tianlan Suspected the Truth 4

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Looking at Feng Tianlan’s reaction, it was obvious that she was like this because of Wu Ya. Wu Ya’s reincarnation was Si Mobai, so..

Feng Tianlan was betrayed?

Shen Yuan thought this through and raised her foot to stomp on Shen Hao’s foot. She then raised her eyes to glare at him to prevent him from speaking nonsense. This was adding insult to injury for Feng Tianlan.

Shen Hao’s foot hurt from the stomp, and he only let out a soft groan. He also realized that he had said something wrong, so he could only silently lower his head in the face of the blame.

“That…”Shen Yuan stood in front of Feng Tianlan and scratched her head. “Sister, there are many good men out there. Let’s just…”

“When?” Feng Tianlan, who seemed lifeless a while ago, suddenly spoke as if her soul had returned to her body.

Feng Shu and the others looked at her in puzzlement.

“When will they get married?” Feng Tianlan asked calmly. She was no change in tone in her voice, but when they heard her question, they felt extremely sad.

Shen Hao glanced at them. Under Feng Tianlan’s direct gaze, he said, “December 19th.”

“1th?” Feng Tianlan murmured, “Will it last for a long time?”

“Eh…” the four of them were stunned again. How could she have thought of that? Maybe she didn’t mean it.

Feng Shu and Shen Borui looked at each other. What on earth had happened? They had only left for a month and things became like this?


Feng Tianlan raised her head and looked at her mother’s worried expression. The comers of her lips slowly curled up. “Mother, I’m hungry. I want to eat the steamed egg with minced meat that you made for me when I was young.”

“Mother will go and steam them now. You should talk to your father properly. Don’t make yourself feel wronged. If you’re really betrayed, it’s fine. With father and mother around, be it a demiG.o.d or G.o.d himself, father and mother will seek justice for you.”

After Feng Shu finished speaking, she turned around and left quickly to make steamed eggs for her to eat. As long as she was still hungry and wanted to eat, that was fine.

Feng Tianlan seemed to have suddenly regained her energy. As she faced the worried looks from the others, she smiled lightly and said, “I’m fine. It’s Wu Ya and Yunyi getting married, not my Mobai.”

Mobai still loved her. It was just that he was like Sheng’er now and had no choice. She just had to wait patiently. Mobai would come back. He would return to her side.

Shen Yuan looked at Feng Tianlan hugging the pillow tightly and was even more worried. No matter how she looked at it, it did not look like she was fine. She was clearly very troubled.

Shen Borui half-squatted in front of Feng Tianlan and looked at her at the same level. Just like when he was young, he raised his hand to comfort and rub her head, “Baby, don’t be sad. Father and mother will also be sad. If you have any pain in your heart, just say it. We will solve it together.”

Hearing that familiar nickname, Feng Tianlan couldn’t control her emotions and her eyes became red. When she was young, her father loved to call her baby because she was the darling of her parents.

‘When she was young, if she was wronged, her father would always tell her that she shouldn’t be afraid. No matter what, they would always be there.

“Father.” Just as she said this, Feng Tianlan’s tears started to fall.

Shen Borui saw this and felt pain in his heart. The eight-foot-tall middle-aged man couldn’t help but cry as well. “Father is here. Father will stand up for you.”

His daughter had been stubborn since she was young. When she was wronged, she would basically keep it in her heart. Now that she had grown up, she was even more stubborn than before.

“He’s not the only one you have. You have so many of us who care about you and love you. You just.

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