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Chapter 2077: Enigmatic

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Nalan Chunbo received the doc.u.ment that Qian Yikun handed over. After reading it, he said, “Meteorite X-D13? I’ve always thought it’s just a legend.”

“You know this?” Qian Yikun said and sat down after seeing Nalan Chunbo gesturing at him.

Nalan Chunbo stood up and walked over. Then, he sat down opposite Qian Yikun. “Thirteen meteorites. They’re very much sought after by many scientists. It’s said that they house many clues from outer s.p.a.ce. There’s also an important use for it—raw materials for s.p.a.ceships.”

“s.p.a.ceship material?” Qian Yikun was shocked. This was an impressive piece of news.

“That’s right. I’ve read a report before. An expert predicted that Meteorite X-D13 has a strong diamagnetic field effect. If it were used on a s.p.a.ceship, it’d be a revolutionary breakthrough. However, no one has seen Meteorite X-D13 in all these years. Many people have started to believe that their existence is just a rumor.”

Qian Yikun frowned as he thought about Nalan Chunbo’s words. “A s.p.a.ceship like that can’t be detected by radar, right?”

“In theory, that’s the case,” Nalan Chunbo answered him honestly.

“Therefore, no one is allowed to take Meteorite X-D13 out of the country.” Qian Yikun clenched his fists. He had to find it before those people did.

“The meteorite is in B City?” Nalan Chunbo suddenly reacted and asked.

“Very likely so. We now suspect that the elevator at Ding Enterprise contains said meteorite matter.” Qian Yikun thought of the problematic elevator in Ding Enterprise. Moreover, Ding Jiaqi had been staring at the elevator. There must be a problem there.

As Nalan Chunbo thought about this, he gently tapped the back of his hand. “Meteorite X-D13 possesses great diamagnetic properties. If it’s never been discovered, there must be a reason for it.”

Qian Yikun thought that he probably knew what the reason was—Ding Junqi.

Yet, the question now was, how did Meteorite X-D13 end up in the elevator at Ding Enterprise?

More than twenty years ago, someone abducted Mo Fei. Was it a coincidence or was it related to this?

They thought that if they found the culprit, they would be able to continue their investigation. However, with the sudden appearance of Meteorite X-D13, things became more and more confusing.

Mo Fei left the company at half-past five in the evening.

Right now, Vice President Liu no longer cared about whether Mo Fei was in the company or otherwise. After all, the outcome was the same whether she was there or not.

The car Mo Fei was driving belonged to Qian Yikun. Hence, when she saw Qian Yikun’s car, she wanted to give it a kick.

“This car is quite expensive. If you kick it, I’m afraid you won’t be able to pay for it.” Qian Yikun came over from the side and looked at the woman who had already lifted her leg up with some bitterness.

However, as soon as he said that, Mo Fei’s foot landed on Qian Yikun’s car. That kick looked really vicious.

Qian Yikun chuckled. He was not surprised. To him, this was probably considered the new normal.

Mo Fei had been wearing heels in the first place. Her stilettos were so thin it could scare everyone who looked at her.

Therefore, this kick left a mark on Qian Yikun’s car.

Mo Fei sneered. So what if she gave the car a stomp?

Qian Yikun would not dare to do anything to her after all. Meanwhile, he did not feel sorry for his car either. “Are you still angry?” He asked without much confidence.

Mo Fei scoffed and turned to leave.

Qian Yikun hurriedly chased after her and blocked her path. “Mo Fei, can we talk?”

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