Lavender Field Near Sault

Sault-en-Provence Probably the most off beat of the three locations the roads above Sault will have you indulge your love of lavender in peace and quiet. All around the city lie immense blue fields alternating with fields of wheat for as far as you can see.

Lavender Field Summer Near Sault Paesaggio Estivo Campi Di Lavanda Progettazione Di Giardini

Cycling holidays through the lavender fields of Provence.

Lavender field near sault. You can also get great photographs from the lavender fields themselves with the hilltop towns in the background. A scenic 33km circuit around the lavender fields of Mont Ventoux Updated 19 April 2017 19042017 This delightful ride takes you through some of the most beautiful scenery in the area. Sault is located at 776 meters above sea level so it offers you gorgeous panoramic views over lavender fields below but its a bit further from Aix-en-Provence though.

These places are early bloomers. Just discovering marvels near Sault 35 kms north of Mas des Etoiles. Sault is famous for its lavender and every year.

Your visual markers are the village of Sault and the Mont Ventoux. Because the area is at a higher altitude it blooms later than. About the Lavender Fields in Sault Provence.

2 Route du Ventoux 84390 Sault France. The best time to enjoy a Provence cycling tour in and around Sault is in May and June time when the lavender is in full bloom. Drive along the lavender roads and admire typical Proven├žal landscapes and lavender fields before reaching Roussillon hailed as the Proven├žal Colorado thanks to its ochre-coloured quarries.

BEST TIME TO VISIT The best time to visit the Lavender farmsfields is from mid-June to mid-July. When does lavender bloom in the Luberon. Lavender field near Sault View of the patchwork of lavender fields visible from Sault Sault is an old fortified village that sits on a ridge overlooking a large valley dotted with lavender fields about one hour from Sablet.

Sault is not quite as popular as the famous Valensole fields but it is still well known for its lavender production. If you can find a lavender field with Mont Ventoux as a backdrop it will make for a stunning image. Lavender fields near Moustiers Sainte Marie on Route Three.

This is a map of the lavender fields of Sault and Ventoux. The Sault Plateau like the Valensole Plateau is the largest producer and harvester of lavender. At the right time of the year some of these are brilliant purple.

Discover the Luberon area and some of the most beautiful villages in France. Vast Sault highlands fields of lavender and golden crops. The area of Sault begins blooming mid July.

Depending on when you visit Provence the lavender can be anywhere in its growing and harvest cycle. Located on a plateau not far from Mont Ventoux Sault is full of fields of lavande fine a precious type of lavender. Then on to Sault the lavender capital of Provence.

With Sault as the capital of Provences lavender fields an annual festival has been held every year there on August 15 for the last lavender harvest. The area around Nyons is a great spot to behold and capture lavender. The lavender in the Luberon blooms from around the last week of June to the beginning of August when it is harvested.

Sault Lavender Festival. If you start your tour in Sault the capital village of Lavender the back country is just around the corner. Bear in mind that lavender landscapes can vary widely from the wild clumps on the rocky plateau de Canaux to the neat bright yellow and blue patchwork quilt of mixed agriculture around Sault.

Lavender near Gordes and Murs. We got most of the way to the top seeing only a couple of cars but the drive was very demanding. Sault is located near the epic peak of Mont Ventoux famed for its inclusion in the Tour de France it rises at 1912m high and looks over the surrounding landscapes.

And it is from the west that the hilltop. If you would prefer taking a tour click to see the latest prices of these two tours. Basically you have fields nearby and also in the mountains North behind Gordes.

The Valensole plateau and Drome Provencal begins around the beginning of July. Everything in-between is a wondrous maze of lavender fields. From June to August the lavender fields get to their best.

The area around Sault is the centre of Lavender growing near us with the fields in the valley and on the lower flanks of Mont Ventoux turning from the soft green corduroy stripes of the winter plants to a chaos of purples and blues as they all come into flower. Lavender and sunflower in the Baronnies. As an alternative to the lavender fields with a stone house in Valensole you can drop by this lavender fields with a farm and stone house in Sault instead.

Late June will be perfect My secret tip would be to go around the village of Venterol where you will find ancient olive trees. The lavender fields near Sault were our next stop and they were more incredible than I could have ever imagined. In fact you have several different kinds of lavender which makes that the flowers come at different times.

At these fields you will see inclined rows of purple lavenders and a. The valley of Sault awaits you with tiny roads that weave in and out of lavender fields. Abbey Notre-Dame de Senanque.

From there we took the road up Mont Ventoux height 1912 metres safe in the knowledge that most sensible French people would be starting their evening meals and not driving on the mountain. As its more concentrated than the lavender fields of Valensole Plateau you can easily explore these fields by foot or bike and will never be far away from your next field. On the high plateaux around Sault at the foot of the Mont Ventoux and around Apt and Gordes.

So it is a good idea to check ahead of time if seeing the lavender in bloom is important to you. Provence Lavender Small Group Half Day Tour. You cycle up to Sault from the plains through peaceful villages and the gently rolling hills of purple lavender.

To the west of Sault there are many lavender fields. Wheat fields and lavender fields are found in the same areas and often side-by-side. Its easy to seek out the best Provence lavender fields in Sault theres a 5km lavender path through the finest fields.

The map indicates where around the Luberon you will find concentrations of lavender fields. You may still find some fields in full bloom till the first week of August near Sault and the hilltop region. Lavender in the area near Sault.

Provence Lavender Fields From Aix-en-Provence. Sault is one of the main stops on the Lavender Tour organised for visiting distilleries lavender fields and summer lavender festivals. In the Luberon and the Rhone Valley lavender begins to bloom mid June.

Lavender is harvested from July to September. 41 km from Carpentras on the border of a great wooded plateau blooming with lavender Sault is a very appealing health resort. Lavender Near Gordes and Murs 1.

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