White Sage Plant In Hindi

Transplanting a white sage plant is best done in the fall as the fall through early spring months are the months when white sage growth tends to happen. The plant grows approximately 4 to 6 feet in height with a 3- to 4-foot spread.

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The plant being like other of the woody-stemmed garden herbs a stem rooter each of the stems thus covered will produce.

White sage plant in hindi. White Sage Live Plant in 1 Gallon Container – Salvia Apiana known as California White Sage- USPS Priority Mail 1-4 Days- Bee sage LIVE PLANT Drseedsla 5 out of 5 stars 236 Sale Price 3740 3740 4400 Original Price 4400 15 off. Save more with Subscribe Save. However because of its colourful blossoms it also looks.

Flowers are white to pale lavender. Sow Right Seeds – White Sage Seed to Plant – Non-GMO Heirloom Seeds – Full Instructions for Planting and Growing Indoors or Outdoor. Great Gardening Gift 1 41 out of 5 stars 1345.

Use a pair of sharp scissors or pruners to cut your white sage so that you dont damage the stems. Get it as soon as Wed Jun. Tricolor Garden Sage Tricolor garden sage is similar in looks to purple sage but has uneven white accented leaves giving it the perception of being tricolored White Sage White sage is also known as bee sage and is used for cooking.

Save more with Subscribe Save. The common name sage. Once your plant has become established you can start harvesting.

ReplySalvia or sefakuss there is no Urdu name for it Sage is good for memory. White sage is a common plant that requires well-drained dry soil full sun and little water. Indian sage belongs to the aster asteraceae family.

There are a number of other Salvia species found in various parts of the coastal sage scrub principally black sage Salvia mellifera. Sow Right Seeds – White Sage Seed to Plant – Non-GMO Heirloom Seeds – Full Instructions for Planting and Growing Indoors or Outdoor. The plant goes dormant during the drier summer months of the year so transplanting it in the fall gives it the best chance to establish hardy roots before the heat comes.

Dont remove more than 30 of new growth in the first year. What is White Sage. With the scientific name of Salvia apiana white sage is also popularly known as sacred sage or bee sage.

From July to September large flat clusters of white or pale purple flowers appear that contain up to 20 florets per bunch. The plant Salvia officinalis and savory spice produced from it. Slow growing the white sage plant is an evergreen perennial shrub that can take up to 3 years to mature and grows to 2 3 feet tall.

Avoid trimming the woody part stick to removing the softer green growth. Dalia or cracked wheat comes closest to it in Hindi. ReplySage herb is called Kamarkas in Hindi.

It has a long history of medicinal and culinary use and in modern times it has been used as an ornamental garden plant. White sage सफद तजपत. Also planted for ornamental purposes.

It is a member of the mint family Lamiaceae and native to the Mediterranean region though it has been naturalized in many places throughout the world. Any plant in the genus Salvia. The plant has long leaves and can reach 3 feet they can grow looking disorganized stems should be kept under control not allowing to grow too tall or the plant will start to tangle up in a few years.

Sage herb Salvia officinalis Seesti or Salbia-Sefakuss or Sefakuss 386 Sago produced from pith of Metroxylon and other palms. White sage is a perennial evergreen herb that is primarily used to clean the air improve the aroma and energy of a space or it can be brewed as a tea for a variety of potential health benefits. The plant occurs on dry slopes in coastal sage scrub chaparral and yellow-pine forests of Southern California to Baja California at less than 1500 metres 4900 ft elevation.

Black sage tends to be nearer to the coast and white sage more in the interior parts of the coastal sage scrub range. Get it as soon as Wed May 19. It is a reservoir of several important bioactive molecules.

Salvia officinalis is a perennial evergreen subshrub with woody stems grayish leaves and blue to purplish flowers. Found primarily in northern Mexico and the southwestern United States. The other common names for the herb sage are Garden Sage Red Sage Broad-leaved White Sage Narrow-leaved White Sage and Salvia salvatrix Common Sage Dalmatian Sage Meadow Sage Scarlet Sage and True Sage.

477 White bait Fish Katai Machli 478 White gram or chickpea Kabuli chana 479 White pepper Safed mirch 480 Yam – ordinary Ratalu 481 Yeast. Sage in Hindi translation and definition sage English-Hindi Dictionary online. Harvesting and Storing White Sage.

Great Gardening Gift 1 41 out of 5 stars 1298. Lantana camara also known as big sage Malaysia wild sage red sage white sage Caribbean and tickberry South Africa is a species of flowering plant within the verbena family Verbenaceae that is native to the American tropics. White sage is a component of the plant community known as Southern Coastal Sage Scrub.

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