Growing Goji Berries For Profit

Bare root plants are the most commonly grown by home gardeners. It is easy to train to a trellis and can be pruned to keep its rangy growth in check.

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Goji berries are often consumed as dried fruits but juices and other foods.

Growing goji berries for profit. So why not grow them yo. Do not apply any nitrogen and they really dont need any fertilizer How to prune a Goji berry plant Dont prune a Goji berry. Bare root goji berry plants which you can purchase at your local nursery or garden center reach full production by the second year.

Httpamznto2bPY8r2These nutrient dense superfoods are very expensive and super easy togrow. We at Gojoy believe in providing healthy goji berries and goji berry products. Locate a spot with full sun although they can tolerate partial shade Test the pH of the soil to be sure its between 68 and 81 If your pH is low just add some oyster shell flour Plant each Goji berry plant at least 2 feet apart Goji berry plants can be trained like a grape vine on a trellis or left as a shrub Note.

The plants need well-drained soil with pH levels between 68 and 81. Goji berry plants can be grown from seed but this method takes a minimum of three years from planting to produce fruit. Uses of goji berries in the industry.

Commercial growing of Goji berries will bring good profits under ideal horticulture cultivation practices. Choose a substrate that is adequate for growing the lycium tree like Mediterranean plant or citrus plant soil mix. This includes and getting started.

There are three ways to go about growing goji berries. Goji berries can be grown indoors in pots containers and in the greenhouse. You can grow them from seed takes the longest to harvest from a cutting takes less time to harvest than growing from seeds or you can begin your journey with a potted Goji berry plant.

Goji berry plants require full sunthough they. Also dried gojis arent cheap and the overwhelming majority of commercial goji berries come from China where information about how theyre grown isnt usually. Growing lycium in a pot or container for its goji berries is perfectly possible.

Although its considered an exotic culture goji is a sturdy and unpretentious. Therefore home growing is the way to go for fresh gojis. Growing goji berry plants is easy.

All methods will achieve the same results time being the only difference. Tag – Growing Goji Berries For Profit Growing Goji Berries For Profit. Making money with goji berries Planting and maintenance of goji berries.

Home Tags Growing Goji Berries For Profit. The Chinese have gathered goji from the wild and grown it in kitchen gardens since antiquity chiefly to use the dried berries — which resemble red raisins though drier tarter and slightly. Gojoy is a local owned and operated goji berry farm located in Aldergrove BC.

This topic is broken into a series of articles that focus on the key components of planting and growing goji berry plants. Growing a goji berry plant in the ground ensures that you have enough space for the roots but you need to plant it in an area where the plant can grow 13 feet or taller and 4 feet wide. How to Grow Goji Berry Plants.

Growing goji berries requires a sunny location. Goji berries are rarely grown commercially in the United States and their shelf life is short so fresh berries can seldom be found at local supermarkets or farmers markets. Follow these simple planting steps.

Growing Goji berries commercially increasing as they are. Check the drainage and add sand or compost to improve the. Jump to any article in the series using the In This Series menu or follow along with the navigation markers at the end of each article.

Goji bush is even very well suited to growing indoors in an apartment. Growing Goji Berry Plants. Get your goji berry plant right HERE.

Even if the plant does not achieve all these claims goji berry planting provides an attractive hedge or climbing plant.

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