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Mogra Mogra Motia Malli Chameli Just Some Names For This Tiny Flower Which Appears At The Start Of Summer And Blooms Chameli Flower Indian Flowers Flowers

The Jasminum sambac plant belongs to the jasmine family and is popularly known in the subcontinent as motia.

Motia flower name in english. Although native to India it is commonly known as Arabian Jasmine. Through this post you can get details about names of flowers in English and Urdu with pictures. Arabian jasmine Jasminum Sambac मगर मललक Mogara Mallika Jasminum sambac.

I hope you liked this post about the name of the flower flower name phoolon. Flower Names in Hindi and English. Her name literally means The Flower Bell of the Flower Garden with the Flower Garden as her family name and Flower Bell as her first name.

Motia flowers are known as Jasmine. Rose flower written in Arabic Narcissus flower written in Arabic Chrysanthemum flower written in Arabic Lily flower written in Arabic Magnolia flower written in Arabic Marigold flower written in Arabic. It is also called Mogra.

In different parts of India it is called by different namesMogra Motia Chameli Malli puvvu Jaati Mallige Juhi Mogra or Moonlight in the grove. हमर जवन म फल क कफ महतव ह परकत क सदर बनन म फल क बहत यगदन हत ह परकत. Dont know its english name.

Beyond the knowledge of what is you must also be aware of its scientific name that is Jasminum sambac. English translation Motia Jasmine Flower Names Motiya Chameli Bela Ketaki Dharek Phull Taramira Saron te Phalaayi de Kesu Kachnaar Shareeh Amaltaas I grow all these flowers. The white ones are fragrant.

Flowers Name In Hindi and English with Pictures फल क नम List of Flowers Name In Hindi. These flowers are known as Chameli. Each with its own fair beauty.

And its gift of joy for you. Its a variety of Jasmine flower. It is reported that there are 300 varieties of jasmine.

Jasmine is considered the queen of flowers and is called the Belle of India or the Queen of fragrance as it is exquisitely scented to soothe and refresh. Rose गलब Gulab Rosa. Different colorful and different type of Flowers one decorating combination is called flowers Bouquet.

It is the double flowering types that are known as Motiya or Mogra in India. All Flower Names Hindi and English List. The fragrance of flowers spreads only in the direction of the wind.

The scientific name of Mogra is Jasminum sambac. Night Blooming Jasmine Night Flowering Jasmine रत क रन Raat Ki Rani Cestrum nocturnum. In my home country there are two types of them.

Check out this colorful animated video s. Flower Bouquet and Garden is very important things our life and this is fact on different happy movement we are sharing bouquet with each other. It is a hardy plant and grows throughout the year but flowers.

For flower lovers I have listed a small selection of flowers names written in Arabic. The other variety is a climbing plant. It belongs to family Oleaceae.

Jasmine चमल चमल क फल बल Chamelee Chamelee Ke Phool Bela Jasminum. Marigold – गद क फल. Its flowers are in two colors white and yellow.

But the goodness of a person spreads in all direction In friendships fragrant garden There are flowers of every hue. The flowers are white and very fragrant. चमल चमल क फल.

It is also stated that jasmine crossed the seasfrom. One is grown as a shrub. The yellow ones are without smell.

Learn names of flowers in both English and Urdu. It is known as Arabian Jasmine. Mogra belongs to the Oleaceae family.

Do you know what mogra flower in English is called. Hindi Name हनद English Name अगरज 1. Also called Motia Bahar in Hyderabad.

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