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Motherwort is used to prevent or stop bleeding. This perennial plant in the mint family is not only a beautiful flowering plant but a beautiful addition to the materia medica of anyone wishing to gently tonify the female reproductive system and support healthy levels of.

Common Motherwort Leonurus Cardiaca Lamiaceae Medicinal Etsy Plants Perennial Plants Medicinal Herbs

Herbalist Tammi Hartung reminds us that the very name motherwort is indicative of the healing nature of this herb.

Motherwort plant hindi name. It is an aborigine of Europe and Asia. Motherwort has been used for hundreds of years for womens issues. Motherwort is a perennial plant that is best known as an herb that helps the heart and womens disorders.

The Chinese name for motherwort is yi mu cao meaning benefit mother herb The leaves and flowers of this mint family plant are used as medicine. Motherwort is a plant. This mint-family member has the ubiquitous square-stems that run in the family.

Valerian Valeriana officinalis Caprifoliaceae is a perennial flowering plant native to Europe and Asia. Motherwort is an herbaceous plant scientifically known as Leonurus cardiaca and bears other common names like lions ear and throw-wort. It is consumed as food by the larvae of some Lepidoptera butterfly and moth species.

Or mama lion from its Latin name Leonurus cardiaca which translates to the Lion-Hearted One Bennett 2014. Motherwort is a perennial plant from Lamiaceae mint Family. It ve It is a good remedy to cure Hot Flashes and Night Sweating.

Early Greeks gave pregnant women motherwort who suffered anxiety. Leon for lion and ouros for tail. Motherwort is a sedative and Antispasmodic.

Western medicine views the heart as a muscular valve but we are all familiar with the emotional and spiritual qualities of the heart. Motherworts miniature blooms are delicately painted soft pink and resemble the healthy womb and reproductive system tissue that herbalists say this herb. In the summer when the mature plant may have a height of 15 metres 5 ft it bears sweetly scented pink or white flowers that attract many fly species especially hoverflies of the genus Eristalis.

It is a member of the Dead-nettle family. In Europe mugwort most often refers to the species Artemisia vulgaris or common mugwortWhile other species are sometimes referred to by more specific common names they may be called simply mugwort in many contexts. Genus and Species.

Mugwort is a common name for several species of aromatic flowering plants in the genus Artemisia. The scientific name for Motherwort is Leonurus cardiaca which translates to. Motherwort is the plant worlds mama bear.

Motherwort Lions Tail Heartwort. Organic MOTHERWORT herb – Leonurus cardiaca Agripalma Agripaume Cardiaire Cardiaque Cheneuse Creneuse Hjärtstilla Qinghao Tougucao. It is also used for heart conditions symptoms of menopause.

So these are the Flowers name in Sanskrit Hindi and English. Its has a reputation as a rapidly spreading weed because it can grow basically anywhere whether in a neglected garden or deep in the woods. In Chinese herbal medicine the seeds are also employed.

Motherwort Mothers Herb WortHerb. The parts that grow above the ground are used to make medicine. Motherworts latin name Leonurus cardiaca or lion-heart originates from the Greek word for lion leon tail ouros with cardiaca representing the heart.

Motherwort meaning in Hindi Meaning of Motherwort in English Hindi Dictionary. The Latin name is derived from the Greek. This herb is typically collected before the seeds form but all of the aboveground parts of the plant can be used for traditional medicine and natural applications.

The English name Motherwort quite literally means mothers-herb reflecting its supportive role for women throughout their lifetime. Leonurus Lions tail and Cardiaca heart. It helps in improving the functioning of Heart.

The Spruce David Karoki Traditional and Medicinal Uses. Sedative diaphoretic nervine relaxant cardiac tonic uterine tonic uterine stimulant and tonic emmenagogue antidepressant hepatic. Motherwort Leonurus cardiaca is a favorite medicinal herb that grows wild near streams or rivers from southern Canada to the east of the Rocky Mountains.

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