Pterocarpus Marsupium Common Name

Fabaceae Pea family Synonyms. The Western Ghats in the Karnataka-Kerala region and also in the forests of Central India.

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Although over 100 years old it still contains a wealth of information on useful plants.

Pterocarpus marsupium common name. Pterocarpus marsupium commonly known as Indian kino tree is native to Sri Lanka Nepan and India. Water is kept in the wooden glass of its bark overnight and that water is consumed by diabetes patients in early morning. The drier hilly zones of dry deciduous forest.

Scientific Name and Common Name. A deciduous tree with a spreading canopy. It contains about 35 species with P.

Marsupium being one of the most well-known members of this genus. Pterocarpus marsupium is a large deciduous tree with spreading branches reaching a height of up to 33 metres418. Common names for this tree include the Indian Kino Tree and Malabar Kino Tree.

In India it is found in the Karnataka and Kerala state region in the Western Ghats. The heartwood of pterocarpus marsupium is astringent bitter acrid anti inflammatory anthelmintic and anodyne. Indian Kino Tree is a deciduous tree up to 30 m tall bark 10-15 mm surface grey or greyish-black rough deeply vertically cracked exfoliations small irregular fibrous.

Pterocarpus bilobus Lingoum marsupium. Many of the botanical names have been changed since then so. The drier hilly zones of dry deciduous forest.

Accepted Name Bastard teak Plantae Tracheophyta Equisetopsida C. Its bark is known as The miracle cure for diabetes. Tree growing in the open Photograph by.

Verified – standards met. Agardh Fabales Fabaceae Pterocarpus Pterocarpus marsupium Roxb. Indian Kino Tree Malabar Kino Tree Kino.

Common Name In Sri Lanka. Preferred Scientific Name. Pterocarpus originates from dry hilly areas of India Sri Lanka and Nepal.

Several chemical constituents like pterostilbene epicatechin pterosupin marsupsin etc have been identified and isolated. Pterocarpus is a genus of pantropical trees in the Fabaceae family. Vijaysar Malabar kino Pterocarpus marsupium – Properties Benefits Dosage Vijaysar is an important big tree whose bark is very useful in disease like diabetes.

It is a deciduous tree which can grow up to 98 feet. Gan-malu Sinhala Utera-venkai Venkai Tamil Zone. Heart Wood Leaves flowers.

Lingoum marsupium Roxb Kuntze. Malabar kino. Show All Show Tabs Malabar kino General Information.

Malabar kino English Taxonomic Status. Plantae Plants Subkingdom. Indian Kino Tree Malabar Kino Tree Kino.

Up to 30 meters. Accepted Data Quality Indicators. Fabaceae commonly known as Bijasal Vijaysar or Indian Kino is important plant used traditionally for the treatment of Diabetes.

Pterocarpus marsupium a tree belonging to the Leguminoceae family is known as Vijayasar and Asan in Hindi Sanskrit respectively.

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