Growing At Home Part 3 Transplanting Your Seedlings

Growing at Home. When it comes to how to transplant seedlings there is no hard and fast rule to how tall a plant should be before you put it out in the garden due to the fact that different plants grow to different sizes.

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Based off my learnings both tomatoes pepper plants do really well with a two-part transplant process.

Growing at home part 3 transplanting your seedlings. Suspend the lights from chains so that you can raise the lights higher as the seedlings grow. Home gardeners should use a quality commercial mix in growing their transplants since a commercial mix will have the proper ingredients to grow healthy transplants. If so youll need to gently loosen up the roots before putting them into the ground.

Soil should be moist but not soaking wet. The soil mix must be loose fertile and disease free. The process can be repeated with minimal stress to plants.

At this point in a seedlings development you should be more interested in growing a healthy root system than sending up a lot of green leaves. Keep the lights as close to the seedlings as possible without touching them 2 to 3 inches. Its important to be able to recognize when its time to transplant seedlings from the seed tray to a larger pot.

Make a small hole place the seedling inside the hole spread out the seedlings roots and add soil on top. Check to make sure it isnt rootbound. If possible transplant on a warm overcast day in the early morning.

Dig a hole that is at least as deep and as wide as the current root system of your plant. Dig a hole in the middle of your tomato bed that is at least a few inches deeper than the depth of the pot the seedlings are in. Rockwool cubes and blocks are made for hydroponic growers.

You can transplant your seedlings to your garden bed or an outdoor pot. Replant your seedlings outside in fresh soil. Over the coming weeks and months Dish our Head Farmer is going to share his experiences of moving our urban farm to his home and provide tips and guidance on how you can also grow at home to help you learn clear your mind and grow your own fresh produce.

Start your seedling in a small cube and it couldnt be easier to transplant later. This is because they can actually grow roots from their stems so if you want a super strong and healthy plant its recommended you transplant it twice. For example rows can be 3 inches apart for radishes and at least 6 inches for beets.

Read More about 5 Signs Its Time To Repot Your Seedlings. Transplanting Pot to Soil in 10 Steps. Ease back on the fertilizer if this is the case.

Because vegetables need a sunny well-drained growing area prepare a tilled raised planting bed in your garden so water will easily drain. Keep an eye on how well your seedlings are filling out. We start the seeds in smaller containers because we can control moisture and temperature much better that way and if.

If your transplants were purchased from a garden store make sure the leaves are a healthy green not yellow or nitrogen-depleted and free of insects and disease before planting. Too much fertilizer can cause a flush of tender lanky growth which is not what you want. When seedlings first appear keep the lights turned on for 12 to 16 hours per day.

If planting outdoors plant your trees in rows spaced 3 yards 3 meters apart. Growing transplants is the quality of the growing media. This is so the roots can have room to grow without become root bound too quickly or at all.

Transplanting seedlings a few weeks after starting should be part of your seed starting routine. Simply cut a cube-sized chunk out of a larger block and insert. This gives the plants a chance to settle into the soil without being instantly exposed to the intense midday sun.

Part 3 Transplanting Your Seedlings. Here are the steps to follow when you transplant your plants. Dig holes roughly that are 20 inches 50 cm in depth width and length.

Also the amount of light a seedling gets can influence how quickly a plant grows in height when you are raising plants from seeds. Once to a larger pot indoors and then to a bigger pot or garden bed outdoors. When choosing pots to transplant your seedlings you will want to choose something that is at least 2-3 times larger than your seedlings current home.

Check the seed package for the recommended spacing between seedlings for each variety you are planting. Amend and prepare the soil by loosening the same as with transplanting about 6 inches deep or more. Dig a hole slightly bigger than the size of the container your seedling is already planted in.

Test to see if your soil is too wet or too dry to dig. Rows are easier to thin and maintain so draw out rows in soil with proper distance for whatever you are planting. I tend to transplant in 3 peat pots with a transplant mix which works well for me.

If planting indoors plant one seedling into the center of your prepared container.

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