Five Easy Ways To Make Your Garden Bee Friendly

Provide shelter in your garden from elements such as wind rain or cold. Okay if you dont care anything about honey but just love the ideas of having bees around to help your garden out then this is an inexpensive option.

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It will give the bees a place to colonize and give them a reason to hang around your property.

Five easy ways to make your garden bee friendly. Ideas to Consider for Your Bee Garden Plan. If you just want to create a home for bees then place a pole in the ground with a bucket on top. The best way to invite native bees and other pollinators into your garden is by creating habitat.

Provide a source of water and dont rake all the fall leaves. Read on for five tips to make your green patch more pollinator-friendly. Make a bee house.

There are four essential elements for designing a bee garden. Besides building a bee house there are a few more things you can do. Come summer let veggies bolt.

To create a watering station for bees you dont need to spend much money or any fancy equipment. Build homes where pollinators can lay eggs or overwinter. Limit the use of insecticides that are toxic to bees and other beneficial pollinators.

Habitat is the same for every living thing on Earth food water shelter and a place to rear young. Use plants suitable for your climate. A small pond or water garden.

Simply take a bucket pail or trough and fill it with water. Choose plants that are best suited for attracting bees in your region. Choose plants with a long bloom period.

Create insect houses in your garden to provide nesting sites for solitary bees and insects. Choose plants with open or snout shaped flowers like single dahlias or foxgloves to make it easiest for bees to extract the nectar or pollen. Make wise use of space.

Different bee species require different habitats. Fix bee boxes in a south-facing spot but not in direct sunlight. Choose the right flowers.

In spring leave twig piles and bare ground. You can make your own simple bee house or you can buy a commercially-made bee house.

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