Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant Chapter 2028 – These People Are Only After My Body?

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Chapter 2028: These People Are Only After My Body?

The Perfect Food had clearly spent a lot of money on the latest issue. Mag could see his sketch standing sign in front of all the big and small bookshops in the book square.

Other than that, there was also a shocking headline on it: Shocking! The father of the eggplant with garlic sauce accepted the interview for the very first time, and he actually did this to the editor…

“So, did you do anything scandalous with that editor behind my back?” Irina looked at Mag judgingly.

“That editor is a guy.” Mag had an innocent expression. This headline was really misleading. Why were the shocking headlines already a trend in this world?

“A guy?” Irina had a weird expression.

“This is not what you imagine,” Mag quickly explained.

“What do you think I am imagining?” Irina didn’t make her point clear.

“Forget it. I will just go buy one copy to prove my innocence.” Mag walked towards that bookshop with exasperation. In actuality, he also wanted to see what the Perfect Food did with this issue. Could it achieve his antic.i.p.ated effects of publicity?

Mag and his family went out rather late, so most of the bookshops in the book square were already open. This middle-sized bookshop already had many customers in it.

Mag deliberately chose a bookshop that was rather boisterous so that he could see for himself if the Perfect Food was indeed as popular as those two chaps said.

“Boss, I would like to have a copy of Perfect Food.”

“I would like to have three copies of Perfect Food!”

“I would like to have two as well!”

Mag saw a group of people crowding at the bookshop’s counter and yelling as if they were ordering food as soon as he entered.

It’s so popular? Is this for real? Mag c.o.c.ked his eyebrow, and looked at the people crowding at the counter skeptically. The crowd were mainly young ladies.

Mag approached a maiden standing at the edge, and asked, “Young lady, why are you all buying this book?”

That young maiden flicked him a glance before excitedly saying, “Mister, you might not know, but this is the first time that our idol is accepting a magazine’s interview formally. Moreover, it’s said that there is a picture of him in the magazine.”

“Idol?” Mag frowned. “Isn’t this a gourmet magazine? Why is there an idol in there?”

“Of course this is a gourmet magazine. Our idol is a super formidable chef. He has once received the number one chef’s t.i.tle from the king on his birthday’s feast, but he refused to stay in the royal kitchen. The eggplant with garlic sauce that he created made the Vegetarianism break its highest sales record ever. He created…” That young lady was very familiar with Mag’s achievements.

Mag’s expression got increasingly weird as he listened. Why did this plot sound so familiar?

“Forget it. You won’t understand even if I tell you. You don’t even cook.” That young maiden retracted her gaze disdainfully before n.o.bly saying, “He is the idol of us chowhounds. A man who was born to transform the world of chowhounds.”

“I got it. I got it.” Mag nodded. She was his fan. That was nice.

However, looking at those young maidens buying up the magazines fanatically, Mag was a little puzzled. Since his fan groups had already appeared, why didn’t his faith value have any changes? His over 30,000 fan count all came from Chaos City.

“The G.o.d of Cookery’s faith value is based on the other party being inspired to learn to cook by you and act upon that thought.” The system’s explanation rang in Mag’s head.

“So, these people are only after my body?” Mag took half a step back with caution.

Eventually, Mag managed to buy four magazines. It was also considered as supporting himself.

According to the system’s explanation, fans who were after his looks and talents didn’t count. He had to convert them into solid fans who would take the initiative to try cooking on their own.

Now, this was really hard.

Everyone had a folder in which they kept a bunch of workout, cooking, and travel tutorials that they would never open again.

Yes, we are talking about you.

Trying to get a whole lot of people to learn cooking from him with just one magazine was indeed a very difficult task.

Of course, if this magazine was popular enough, and had a great base number of readers, he could still get a portion of effective believers even if the conversion rate was a little low.

“There you are.” Mag pa.s.sed a copy of the magazine to Irina. He then pa.s.sed the other two copies to Amy and Annie before reading one himself.

He had read the script before, so he wasn’t worried that there would be stuff which couldn’t be seen.

However, he was rather surprised that the Perfect Food had used the entire cover to promote him.

“Wow! He’s so handsome! His mustache is so s.e.xy. Aaaah…”

“He’s indeed my idol! He is really the man who can even mesmerize Princess Vanessa.”

“It’s so worth it. I am going to buy 10 more copies!”

However, before Mag could flip open the magazine, the young ladies’ excited exclamations could be heard.

“I told you there’s nothing between Vanessa and me. You should believe me now, right?” Mag said to Irina.

Irina lowered her head as she flipped through the magazine. Without even looking up, she said, “Neither you nor she have the guts.”

Mag felt a warm feeling in his heart instantly. This was trust.

Flipping open the magazine and skipping over the content page, the very first page was his interview.

This interview, which was written by Mylo, was rather well-written.

Of course, Mag still didn’t think that his style was good enough.

Apart from the questions that they had discussed that day, there was a big chunk of praise written at the back, such as handsome and alert, a gentleman… It was so realistic.

Irina looked up, and said to Mag disdainfully, “Tsk, tsk… This author. Does he have any ideas on you?”

“I will stay away from him in the future.” Mag nodded.

At the end of the article was a reminder: “There is a tutorial for the eggplant with garlic sauce written by Mr. Mag himself at the back of the magazine, and a picture of Mr. Mag is included!”

Mag skimmed through the content page, and he flipped to the second in the middle of the magazine. He skipped over his recipe, and indeed saw that very cartoonish drawing.

Irina took a look at that drawing, and then asked, “Do you feel that this is you?”


Mag hemmed and hawed for a long time before saying, “It’s just a sketch, so it has to satisfy the readers’ imagination. It doesn’t matter that it doesn’t look like me.”

Yes. This drawing looked nothing like him!

However, the sketch still looked rather handsome. The artist had done a good job and deserved praise. At the very least, judging from the maidens’ reactions, it adhered to their tastes perfectly.

“Why do you want to get famous suddenly?” Irina kept the magazine and looked at Mag doubtfully.

“Oh well, we always have to try new things in life.”

“Speak properly.”

“I simply want to see how famous I can get by cooking alone,” Mag said seriously.

Irina stared at Mag for quite some time before nodding. “That’s quite good..”

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