Nandina Domestica Plum Passion

I have Domestica Alba Harbor something Fireball Plum Passion and a couple others. The seeds are mildly toxic probably not more so than apple seeds as there has never been a case of people being harmed by eating Nandina berries.

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Clusters of small white summer flowers give way to bright orange-red winter fruit.

Nandina domestica plum passion. Perhaps the most spectacular and certainly the most unique of the nandinas Plum Passion is deep purplish red when in new growth deep green in summer and rich reddish-purple in fall and winter. Plum Passion Heavenly Bamboo Nandina domestica Monum Purple Burgundy red new foliage matures to deep green in summer. Unbranched stems to 6 feet 18m tall form clumps similar to bamboo with leaves divided into slender leaflets.

Nandina domestica Plum Passion Plum Passion Heavenly Bamboo 5P Landscape Pot. Nandina domestica Monum PP 12069. PLUM PASSION is particularly noted for having excellent seasonal foliage color.

Theyre spaced several feet apart. New growth in spring and summer is a deep purplish-red turning slightly redder in the winter. Share This Page.

The Nandina Compacta is compact with bright green lacy foliage that turns red in fallwinter. Moderate growth rate with upright clumping habit. Versatile and durable and highly effective as a specimen plant in borders or massed for intense color.

Cette espèce de nandina ou bambou sacré dispose dun joli feuillage coloré et persistant. 4-5 feet 16-2m tall. A spectacular and unique nandina Plum Passion is deep purplish-red when in new growth deep green in summer and rich reddish-purple in fall and winter.

Les arbustes de ce genre sont originaires dAsie de lHimalaya et du Japon. It has a cane-like growth and can grow 6-8 tall. Fruits may not form especially on solitary shrubs as cross-pollination is needed.

San Gabriel Under 2 feet. Prefers moist well-drained soils. I just noticed that one plant has powdery mildew which probably spread from some Magic Carpet Spirea nearby.

Le Nandina domestica Plum Passion également appelé Bambou sacrée Monum est un arbuste persistant élégant à la végétation dense et changeante. The late-spring or early-summer flowers are white and borne in foot-long panicles. New growth in spring and summer is a deep purple-red turning slightly redder in the winter.

Nandina domestica Plum Passion Heavenly Bamboo. Last year I planted three Plum Passion Nandina Monums on the north side of my house in the backyard. Nandina domestica heavenly bamboo.

We would like to show you a description here but the site wont allow us. Plum Passion Heavenly Bamboo. Leaves turn a deep purplish-red in winter.

Deep purple-red in spring dark green by summer and finally red-purple in fallwinter. Plant database entry for Heavenly Bamboo Nandina domestica Plum Passion with one image and 33 data details. It has a habit of suckering and reseeds itself readily occasionally naturalizing.

Oval leaflets in airy pattern along branches. A new selection with the most beautiful colored foliage of the Nandinas. Well mine is just over 5 and Nandinas dont really care about sun or shade.

Low to moderate water needs once established. Burgundy highlights reappear in fall and winter. More information on Nandina domestica.

Bambou sacré domestica Plum Passion Godet. Plum Passion is purple-red in winter. Nandina is a commonly cultivated ornamental upright evergreen shrub known for its beautiful bright red berries.

Each berry has two seeds. Our Plum Passion as of 2003 had never produced these fruits for this shrub needs to be planted in a group for sake of cross-pollination before it will produce the showy berries. Mostly in full sun but a few in shade.

Use these convenient icons to share this page on various social media platforms. Red berries in winter. I have some in both and they both berry up and their color is lovely.

Le genre nandina aussi appelé bambou sacré regroupe des arbustes ou petits arbres de la famille des Berberidaceae. Small white flowers in early summer. New and Unread Tree-Mails.

It is weedy in disturbed areas persisting after planting and escaping. It was discovered as a whole plant mutation growing in a cultivated planting of Nandina domestica Compacta at Monrovia Growers in Azusa California in May of 1993. The area gets lots of summer afternoon sun and less sun the rest of the year.

This selection offers exceptionally beautiful colored foliage.

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